Conference Exchange Innsbruck 11-15 Settembre 2018

Di seguito l’invito dei colleghi austriaci per chi fosse interessaro a scoprire come funziona la medicina di famiglia in Austria e ha gia delle conoscenze della lingua!

Dear Vasco da Gamiens,

We would like to invite you to take part in the 2018 Preconference Exchange on tuesday the 11th and wednesday the 12th of September.

The german association for general medicine is organizing the DEGAM Congress in Innsbruck Austria on the 13th – 15th September 2018. In preview to the congress we will give ten young physicians or students the chance to take part in an Exchange to get to know the austrian healthcare system first handed. The Exchange program will start in Innsbruck with a welcome Workshop on Tuesday the 11th at 18:00 0’clock to present Knowledge about the austrian healthcare as well as to introduce everyone as well the Host. On the 12th the participants will take part in the exchange und accommodate the austrian physicians in their daily work. We will meet again at the kongress center on the 12th at 18:00 o’clock to exchange all summoned experience. Afterwards the host as well as the guests are invited to join as for food and drinks at the local food restaurant.

Please note, that accommodation and travel expenses have to be paid by the participants.

Furthermore please note, that the DEGAM Conference’s language is in German, only keynote lectures are in English, so that moderate to advanced German language skills would be helpful to attend the conference. For the Exchange we will list german speaking skills first, based on the patients speaking language.

We ask interested exchange volunteers to send their application to

until the first of august. Placement confirmation will be given by the end of august.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Austria

All the best, Jonas Rech and Christoph Mayerhofer

representing young general medicine Austria (JAMÖ)